The Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre Society (VLACC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the education and cultural legacy of all Canadians by exploring and sharing a deeper understanding of Latin American arts and culture.

We collaborate with an increasing number of individual artists and groups exploring Latin American arts and cultures, and continue our excellent relations with the Britannia Community Services Centre, the SFU Latin American Studies Program, the UBC Latin American Studies, the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Brazilian Consulate, The Vancouver Playhouse, and pataSola Dance, among many others.


The vibrancy of Vancouver (and indeed Canada) is based on immigration; inclusivity and multiculturalism are Canadian hallmarks. The growing Latin American community has a long history in Vancouver, bringing a vitality, richness, and diversity to the city.

For years, cultural events and activities with a Latin American focus have been undertaken without any dedicated space. With more than 150 Latin American-themed events taking place around the city annually, the demand for arts and cultural expressions has also been on the rise. The Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre Society (VLACC) emerged to address the need for a central facility to plan and host these events.

VLACC envisions the Centre to be a cultural hub in the city, giving artists and arts organizations access to appropriate spaces, including facilities for film, theatre, dance, speaking events, educational classes, rehearsals and meetings, as well as a small café. We will also have the necessary technological infrastructure to share high quality digital programming with collaborators and audiences around the world.

We are working to expand and enrich the multicultural fabric of the city, becoming a place where non-latinos and latinos alike experience and share the richness of Latin American arts and cultures; its past, its present, and its future.

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